She shared that she acts up and says stupid things to every celebrity with whom I come in contact. “And recently, it’s been if a celebrity interacts with me, I immediately just shut them down and I’m like, ‘I don’t want anything to do with you.'” 

Joe, however, was not one of her stars. Sophie revealed that she had known from her first night that Joe was special since the day she met him. 

They went to a bar, and then we all hung out there with his friends. Then they all returned to my place and had drinks. This was her story about their first date. “And I remember him leaving, and I just, like, weeped.” 

This actress recently celebrated her 3rd wedding anniversary. She is currently expecting her 2nd child. Jonas Brothers musician, said that she immediately began crying to her brother, telling him, “I love this man so much!” 

She concluded, “And I knew.” It was that simple. 

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