This includes Kyle. Big Sky co-star Michelle ForbesThe writer, whose name is???????, wrote “This beautiful news!” You both make me so happy! Amazing to see both of you beaming !!!! From , I send you love  

Michelle was joined by another castmate. Ryan DorseyHe remarked about the journey of Kyle and Caity together.  

“Ayyyyyyyyyyye!!!! You are my man Congratulations twooo! Ryan agreed. Ryan added, “@caitylotz You gotta be good! He was a great guy and I had the privilege of hearing his talk about me from the very beginning, from casual games night to this. 

Caity’s Arrowverse co-stars Danielle PanabakerCandice PattonAnd Franz Drameh The event was attended also by other guests. Franz commented, “JHEEEEEZZZEEEECelebHomes!! Yes, sis big sister is getting married!!! Ayyyy I’m gassssseeeedddd!!!! congrats!”