Siesta Key has more to it than meets the eye. 

MTV’s reality TV show will resume on March 10. Viewers are expected to be watching the new episodes in an attempt to find answers. Juliette PorterAnd Sam Logan‘s relationship. CelebHomes News spoke with JMP The Label to get more details on the circumstances that led to their split.

Juliette shared that she learned so many things from her relationship with Sam, and the entire season. “I believe you have to be yourself sometimes, and really put yourself first. Focus on your priorities and your values.

Juliette says that Sam was “just not working” and she needed to end things with her.

She said, “We were not connecting.” She said, “I felt emotionally exhausted. I didn’t think the same things as him about anything. He was not supporting me. And you have to place yourself above the needs of others.