Shonda Rhimes has paved for the way for women of every color, shape and size in her progressive TV shows, but she wouldn’t necessarily say she was trying to make political statements.

Instead, Shondaland’s producer says Time That she writes only shows what she sees, she explained that “I don’t enjoy being preached to, and I’m not interested preaching.” 

And while the hit ABC series ScandalLook at the stars Kerry Washington, was set in the cutthroat political world of Washington D.C., Shonda says she turned her attention to lighter themes “when it felt like the world had caught up to the stories we were telling.”

So viewers were shown the world of Bridgerton in December 2020, offering people a much-needed escape just before the coronavirus pandemic went into full swing. Shonda produced the series and it was very popular. Now, Shonda is gearing up to produce its second season. This will be about the love story of two couples. Jonathan Bailey‘s Anthony and Simone Ashley‘s Kate.