Craig ConoverHe gives his opinion on the breaking up heard “round”. The world Charleston.

Southern CharmStars Shep rose Taylor Ann Green split in late July after two years together, shocking not just fans of the Bravo series—especially since Shep had recently speculated about potentially marrying Taylor—but also their co-stars. 

Craig spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News Aug. 22: “I was shocked because they had been through so many things in the past. So I think at reunion it will start to sort of come out why their breakup.”

Sharing that while he didn’t see the former couple’s relationship as traditional per se—noting that “they just did things different,”—Craig never saw the split coming.

Craig explained that he didn’t believe this would result in a breakup. I thought they’d get it over like in the past. So the fact that this has gone on as long as it has and has gotten as serious as it has, yeah, it was a surprise to me.”