The singers said, “Hello guys. We’ve decided that we will end our relationship. However, our love and affection for each other as human beings is stronger than ever.” “We began our relationship as best buddies and will remain best friends.”

Even though Shawn and Camila will go their separate ways now, the couple leave behind a treasure trove of fond memories and valuable lessons.

Shawn, who is a “Havana” artist, said she was able to support her mental health even as late as October. She shared the following: Glam that “for better, for worse,” they’ve learned to be honest with each other about when it’s time to talk to a therapist, explaining, “I’ll be venting or ranting about something, and he’ll be like, ‘Have you talked to X about it?’ Then I will be like “No. I’ve got to do a session.’ I’m sure he will do the exact same to me.”