“The media industry must see these stories as equally riveting,” said the Catastrophe co-creator said. Women have watched male stories since the dawn of TV and film. That hasn’t been an issue. This was just an area of learning that needed to be addressed. We’re still in a good place.

Horgan is joined Anne-Marie DuffEva Birthistle, Sarah GreeneAnd Eve Hewson on the series. The titular Bad Sisters.

There are many other options. Is a man at the center of the story—the dastardly John Paul, played by Claes Bang—but Horgan knew the inherent premise of the show wouldn’t quite work if there weren’t shreds of humanity present in his character, as well.

She stated that although he was a terrible monster, he still needed to be human. He wouldn’t be hated so much if you didn’t believe he was real. “You wouldn’t have worried as much about Grace (Duff), feared him, or been so concerned about Grace (Duff), and would not be as enthusiastic about what Grace is doing.