Frances Bean Cobain Reflecting on her past and commemorating an important milestone in her life, she is doing so.

The visual artist—and daughter of Courtney Love The late Kurt Cobain—shared a carousel of pictures of herself enjoying life wiTh friends and family as she celebrated being alive to see her 30th birthday. 

“30 !!! “30!!! I did it!” She captioned her Aug. 18 Instagram photo. Frances was 20 years old when she realized that it wasn’t going to happen. At the time, an intrinsic sense of deep self loathing dictated by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms & more trauma than my body or brain knew how to handle, informed how I saw myself and the world; through a lens of resentment for being brought into a life that seemingly attracted so much chaos and the kind of pain tied to grief that felt inescapable.”

Frances went on to explain a traumatic experience she went through in 2017 when her plane caught on fire in mid-air as she was flying from Paris to Los Angeles.