Samantha Jones puts the sex in another city Excusez-moi?
Since the first season, Netflix has been a success. Emily in Paris—of which Lily Collins stars as its lead—hit the streaming service on Dec. 22, viewers have come up with a few different theories as to how Kim CattrallIt is the most iconic of all. Sex and the CityA new series could allow her to play a role in the character’s life.
In case you are wondering what these two shows share in common, we should not forget they were created by the same director. Darren Star. Samantha Jones didn’t just pack up her belongings and relocate to London. This is explained in the HBO Max reboot. Just like that—but Emily’s love interest this season (spoiler!) Also, Emily moves to London. All the clues to a crossover are there, so it’s not too difficult.
One viewer is TV critic Jen Chaney, tweetedAll the way to the TopThis year’s episode: “Current theory”: Samantha allegedly moved abroad, thus her absence in the SATC TV series. Later, she surprises us with her appearance in EMILY IN PARIS. Samantha trying to be tolerant of Emily would be a great show.