Virginia GiuffreThe other is Jeffrey Epstein‘s alleged sex trafficking victims, is speaking out following GhislaineMaxwell“Guilty verdict.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 29, the late financier’s girlfriend was convicted of federal sex trafficking charges and found guilty of helping Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls. Giuffre, 38, did not testify during Maxwell’s trial, which focused on acts against four other people, but later took to Twitter to voice her thoughts on the outcome.

My soul longs for justice, and the jury provided it today. She said, “I will never forget this day.” tweeted. “Having experienced the horrible effects of Maxwell’s abuses, I am deeply sorry for the lives and hearts of the other young girls who were subject to her cruelty and whose lives she decimated.”

Giuffre said, “I hope today isn’t the end. It’s just another step towards justice being done.” Maxwell didn’t act alone. Other people must also be held responsible. They will, I believe.”

Maxwell, 60, was accused of recruiting and grooming four teenage girls between 1994 and 2004 for convicted sex offender Epstein, a convicted sex offender who died in 2019 in jail while awaiting his own sex abuse trial.