Only Ryan Seacrest can make talking to an ex look easy.

April 4, iHeartRadio hosted its March 4th broadcast. Ryan Seacrest on-airI had the pleasure to meet with Derek Hough and his sister Julianne Hough for their new ABC special. And while some fans—including his co-hosts Sisanie Tanya Rad—may have predicted some tension between Ryan and his ex-girlfriend, it just wasn’t the case.

Just to get started, Jules. Ryan said that Tanya and Sisanie have asked me about this. “And I said, ‘Not at all.’ Julianne, they don’t get that friendship can be maintained after a split-up.

Regardless of any skepticism, Julianne also confirmed she remains “friends” with the American Idol host and that they chat from time to time. 

Ryan said, “That’s exactly what I am saying.” She feels exactly like I feel. It’s not uncomfortable because it’s something we have shared for many years.