Richard Flood has officially removed his lab coat.

Flood gave up his series regular role as Dr. Cormachayes. Grey’s Anatomy.His character, Head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, resigned during the episode. And now, the actor is opening up about his decision to step away from ABC’s popular medical drama.

“Having three years on the show felt right for me,” he told Deadline. “And I think that the arc of the character with all the developments in the story was probably coming to its natural end, which was great. It was a great feeling to know that everyone felt the same and it just happened.

Flood stated that Flood was ultimately pushed out by his writers.

He stated, “They were the ones who came up with an exit.” He said, “I wasn’t aware of how it would happen until much closer to the time we were filming.” [for the show]What might work for me?”