You won’t be able to find it on Amazon. 

Pete DavidsonAnd Jeff BezosBlue Origin’s next celebrity may also be heading to space. A source familiar with the matter said that talks had been held between Blue Origin and the Saturday Night Live star and founder of Amazon to make the out of this world trip a reality.

CelebHomes News received the following information from a source: “They have been in talks, many,” he said. There is no official date yet. This is very preliminary.

Although the couple may not seem like a common pairing, others can’t help but recall when Pete was with his girlfriend Kim KardashianJeff was at his mansion on January 1. 

CelebHomes News at the time confirmed that the couple had stayed for only a few hours. It’s not clear what they discussed, but it is possible that the couple was discussing the possibility of travelling. Pete has already explored outer space before. Saturday Night Live skit.