A royal reign on-screenIs good enough for Vanessa Hudgens.

This actress starred in every installment of Netflix’s. Princess Switch franchise, has gotten a fictional taste of the intricacies of being a Queen, Princess, and a Lady. However, just because the 32-year-old star has experience playing three different look-alike royal members—swapping spaces in the highest of places—doesn’t mean it’s something she thinks she would be able to truly handle in reality.

The actress confessed recently that she does not “keep up” with the royals, admitting it. Glamour UK“I wouldn’t want to be a queen.” It’s adorable, and it seems chic. But it isn’t reality. It’s just too silly. “I enjoy living life to its fullest.

Vanessa recognizes one positive aspect of being in power.

“The giving-back element of it,” she said. “It’s really beautiful being able to make such an important change.” This is something I attempt to include in my day and leave a legacy for others by simply working with charities.