In 2020, Bachelor Nation will be a reality. Hannah Brown came under fire, and rightfully so, for saying the N-word while singing DaBaby‘s “Rockstar.” Brown later stated she never meant to offend anyone and apologized, saying, “I am terribly sorry and know that whether in public or private, this language is unacceptable. I promise to do better.”

And while many people quickly forgave her, dismissing the moment as a minor slip-up, Brown told her followers, “It is SO important to me to tell y’all that there is no defending what I said.” 

Carlton will tell you that, however.Olly Sholotan() He’d argue that there is no distinction between Jay-Z or his Bel-Air Academy classmates using the N-word. Will chastises Carlton in episode one for allowing his friends the slur. Carlton then replies that he is “flipping out” over a term Black rappers have sold to millions upon millions of whites every day. You expect them to not say the words they are listening to?

It’s a scene that sets the tone for their adversarial relationship, making it clear that though Will and Carlton are from the same family, they don’t necessarily share the same background or beliefs.