People won’t be able to pronounce “Roxie” as the name of their favorite celebrity, instead they will say “Roxie.”Pamela Anderson.”

Ahead of her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the iconic musical ChicagoActress, 54, sits down Vogue to discuss why the moment is right for her to set the record straight in an upcoming memoir and recently announced Netflix documentary.  

While discussing the past year—which saw the release of the Hulu series Pam & Tommy—Pamela told the outlet, “There’s been a lot of…It’s all been crazy.” 

The former Baywatch star continued, “But anyway, I’m writing my book. The book will not be out for at least eight months. It’s still a long way away. My memoirs were written entirely by me, with no collaborators. That’s why I started working on it this year. Then, with the Netflix documentary. And now? [Broadway].” 

Describing her life as “a really empowering story,” Pamela shared that she’s taking control of her own narrative “for a lot of reasons,” adding, “I have my whole life to draw from.”