There won’t be one. Love is blind baby on board soon—at least not for Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson!

After a roller coaster of a season, DanielleAnd Nick said “I do” during the season two finale of Love is blind. CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview with the couple, where they reveal that there are plans for children, but not yet. 

Danielle said that they wanted to “give it some more time.” They “met quickly.” They were engaged in front of their friends. Love is blindFamously, pods are four-week periods in which contestants can get married or split up. 

The associate marketing director, aged 29, stated that “We want travel.” So, it’s only three more years before then. It’s not an accident. All things happen for a reason.

Nick also agrees. It’s fun for us both to do things people can do under normal circumstances before we get into the stuff you do in your first two years of marriage,” Nick said to CelebHomes. “We just take our time and enjoy each other’s company.