It is without a doubt: Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey are catching footballs and feelings.

For more than three years, the model Carolina Panthers running back have been defining couple goals with their picture-perfect vacations And romantic date nights. Their Instagram photos are a big hit with fans. But it is their private life that’s most remarkable.

Olivia exclusive shared this with CelebHomes News: “We get in bed each day around 7:30,” Olivia. “We watched The ” Harry PotterReunion so we have been paying attention Harry PotterFrom the very beginning. “We are very geeky” 

According to the fashion designer, Christian is up every morning around 6 to start training. Even after football season ends, Stanford University’s alumnus is not stopping working.

She stated that “he doesn’t really have an on button, even in off seasons.” He is so dedicated. Extreme discipline is a key part of becoming an athlete. He’s very disciplined. You’re watching someone achieve their goals and it takes a lot to do so.