You need some Valentine’s Day inspiration. Kim Kardashian has you covered…literally.

This sexy business mogul has set Instagram ablaze with a stunning two-piece lingerie set that she sported from the SKIMS Valentine’s Day Collection. The snippet was shared on her Instagram Stories February 1st. Keep Up with the KardashiansThis alum modelled her black micro-cording bra with matching bottoms. It is straight out of the Star’s latest collection.

Kim gave her followers an opportunity to see a selection of lounge pajamas in hot pink that were released just in time for Valentine’s Day. Kim also shared a video on social media showing a fuchsia-pink bra with matching long-length lounge pants. Kim then gave her followers a glimpse at another top and shorts in hot-pink.

And to top it all off, just hours later, Kim also shared a few more love-themed looks from her line to her feed, which included—you guessed it—even more of that signature pink style.