Harris, who starred in the role of Barney Stinson (rom-com sitcom), is not new to the world. How I Met Your MotherBetween 2005 and 2014. However, unlike CBS’s series, the comedian of 49 years joked that It is not coupledThis makes binge watching much more enjoyable, as there aren’t any commercials.

He continued, “It takes 30 minutes for each episode.” It’s nothing like CrownIt’s an obligation. It’s a commitment. Ted LassoWatch the TV show in your own style. Feel a bit, have a good time, perhaps shed a few tears, and continue with your day.

He was accompanied by his wife on the red carpet David BurtkaHarris also joked about how “premieres were terrible date night nights” telling Daily Pop“Look at the strangeness of this. What is the point of this being intimate? Asking people to watch you is similar to asking them if their watching. Bachelor It’s authenticity is questionable.

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It is not coupledPremieres on Netflix, July 29, 2009.