Matchmaking has never been more difficult.

Mumbai’s most renowned matchmaker Sima TapariaWatch the trailer to see more of Season 2! Indian Matchmaking, premiering August 10 on Netflix—but she’s at her wit’s end.

Sima admits that while matchmaking in the past was simple, it’s become difficult. “Some clients are still unmarried even though I have been working for years.”

One of these clients is Aparna Shewakramani who, along with season one’s Pradhyuman Moaloo, have returned with their eyes set on love again.

Sima however says that clients have become more specific in what they want.

She explains, “When they come here to me they have many criterias.” They want it all.

It could be so awful!

One client requested that she be at least 5’8″. She was loyal and would need to get along well with her dog.

A client also obsesses over follicles.

Sima will have a lot of work ahead.