However, it is equally breathtaking to star in an intense drama with a grandiose outfit. “On BridgertonNicola explained that walking into a ballroom filled with hundreds of additional people dressed in their custom-made clothes, wigs, and hair felt like being taken back in time. It gives me joy.
As she gets ready for the premier of the highly anticipated second season of The Nicola Doll, Nicola offers some tips for anyone who is also aiming to be successful.
She stated, “Whenever people tell me they want this job, I say, you have to really want it.” “Because you wouldn’t be mad to try it. Because of filming, I saw very little of my family in the last year. It’s not easy to make the necessary sacrifices. When I was in my 20s, I had never been on holiday. It was hard to live on such a small amount of money. It was so hard to believe that people could have this wonderful, fun idea. It can be hard work. Yet, it is amazing. It’s amazing.