Bill Pruin“The record should be straightened out by the daughters of.” 

Bill, who was three months older than the Iowa News Anchor in Iowa, died of a gunshot injury in 1995. Jodi Huisentruit went missing. Though some believe the deaths are connected, Pruin’s daughters and authorities say otherwise. CelebHomes News Exclusive 20/20 clip, Pruin’s daughters, Scarlett FleshnerAnd Krystal DoolittleDiscuss the death of their father and discuss how it is not connected to Huisentruit’s disappearance.

Scarlett says that Bill Pruin is our father in this sneak peak. “He was just an amazing dad. He was always at all of our school events, and he always made it a point to—even if he was busy in the field—do something fun with us.”

“Our dad died in 1995 on April 4th, while Jody was reported missing that June the same year,” she continues. Some people believe she was investigating the death of her father and that he was killed, which put her life at risk.

But investigative journalist Maria AwesSays “there is only one problem.”

According to her, “Police and Bill Pruin’s private investigators and Bill Pruin’s daughters agree there is not a connection between Bill Pruin’s murder and Jody’s disappearance.” Krystal and Scarlett would like the rumors stopped.