Nicky Hilton Pregnant Discusses Baby No. Three at NYFW

The bliss of ignorance is bliss. 

Nicky Hilton Rothschild said she will not find out the sex of her baby because of a family tradition her mother Kathy Hilton wants her children to continue, embracing the beautiful mystery of childbirth. 

CelebHomes News reported that French Sole’s fashion designer said, “My mother is very old-fashioned.” It’s like she’s saying, “I didn’t discover out for any other children.” “Please, this is the most surprising thing in your life. Do not discover it.”

Nicky suggested that Nicky might discover the sex of the baby before birth, however she added that the mother is the best judge. 

Last month, her rep Jack Ketsoyan confirmed the forthcoming summer baby with husband James Rothschild. Nicky, James and their two daughters are no strangers to the world of parenthood. Since marrying in 2015, they’ve welcomed two daughters, Lily-Grace Victoria5 and Marilyn Theodora Teddy, 4.

She discovered the sex while pregnant with Lily-Grace. So she hosted a pink and white baby shower. When she became pregnant with Teddy, she kept her sex secret and held a pink-and-blue baby shower.