Jessica Day said, “People are the most miserable.” 

A new episode of iHeartRadio will air on February 14th. You are invited to visit our Show. You can find more information atThe New Girl Podcast hosted and produced by Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone, season one, episode four, “Naked,” was recapped, which resulted in the trio revealing the scary reason why the cast had to move sets: a real-life jewelry heist.

In the episode, Hannah recalled the particular scene that sheAnd Zooey were filming when everything was going down. “[Zooey]There is a small scene between you and me in which I provide terrible advice. [Nick]She said that she would then be cool if it was so. On the day that we took those pictures, it was the time when some serious criminal activity happened. I had completely forgotten about it.”

Hannah says that Hannah and Hannah were returning from the location where they had shot the scene in a van. She continued, “All of the sudden we’re just stood still.” It’s not clear what anyone is trying to explain.