Chastain, who starred in the same movie as Jeremy, criticized profile writer. Michael Schulman, for being biased, writing, “Ive known Jeremy Strong for 20yrs & worked with him on 2 films. He’s an amazing person. Very inspiring & passionate about his work. He was very biased in the profile that was published about him. People, don’t believe everything that you read.”

She said, “Snark is a selling point but perhaps it’s time to move on.”

Jeremy’s Succession co-star Brian Cox has said that people warned the profile may backfire and admitted that it’s sometimes “exhausting” to work alongside him. He puts himself in vulnerable situations and that makes him vulnerable. New YorkerBrian claimed that Brian placed himself in an extremely, very vulnerable place, which I believe he did not need.

Michelle learned a lot from it. She shared the story. Variety“Now, when I’m talking about my work and my process, it makes me wonder if this should be kept in the vault.”