It might be worthwhile to ask for recommendations on a quality ballpoint pen. Michelle Monaghan a call.

Preparation for her Netflix appearance Echoes, where the actress plays twin sisters Leni and Gina, Monaghan had a big task in front of her—so she went a little crazy on office supplies.

It was twice as hard work. Monaghan told CelebHomes News that you can see the piles of Post-Its and markers and highlighters. Because I was so desperate for organizational help, I think I spent a few hundred dollars at Staples.

Monaghan isn’t just playing twins on the series, she’s playing twins who swap lives on their birthdays every year. The shopping spree was definitely necessary.

She explained that she had different colors for each character. It was extremely important to know the unique, individual characteristics of each character in every relationship and world they lived in. You may be able to catch small nuanced details that are not obvious to everyone.