If you need a little more convincing before you shop, read some of the set’s rave reviews.

IT Cosmetics Glow with IT CC+ Nude Glow 40 5pcs Set Review

The customer said, “This bundle was well worth the money!” I loved the foundation. It was flawless! I love the color and how the brush was used. The eyeshadows were flawless! I love the color. It’s my 49th birthday and I am now able to wear eyeshadow !!!!! again. YES!!!”

A third person suggested, “If the idea of lightening up your summer makeup is appealing to you, try this look.” This foundation looks amazing, the blush/highlighter works well, the eyeshadows are a decent base color, and mascara is amazing.

QVC customers raved about their love for the set. You will not need anything else for the summer. It matches my skin perfectly. It gives a lovely highlight and color. This mascara is amazing. It’s amazing!

One other person said, “I was so thrilled about this deal that I purchased 2 of them. It Cosmetics is my favorite foundation makeup brand. This foundation has excellent coverage and 25 SPF which gives you extra sun protection. This product has been great for me over 6 years. The mascara is amazing! This mascara has been my favorite mascara. I’ve tried every type of mascara. This mascara goes on easily, isn’t heavy and makes my eyelashes seem like they are 5 feet in length! It’s amazing! It is a must-have! Soft and angled, the kabukibrush is great for contouring your cheekbones. This brush was thought of in every detail. We will definitely be ordering again.”

I love this foundation. This foundation is perfect for me. I hate heavy makeup. Blush gives cheek area a natural glow. It adds depth and length to the mascara. Thank you so much for your purchase. Highly recommend,” one shopper said.

A second person stated, “The CC+ Nude Glow is the most amazing foundation that I’ve used.” With the foundation brush I can apply foundation with sufficient coverage without being too heavy. This foundation is natural looking and covers any imperfections. It is a great product and I will definitely buy it again. The eyeshadow stick is a new product that I haven’t tried. Both the mascara and blush have been a hit. Amazing combination!

Another person shared the following: “I love IT Cosmetics, and I own many IT products. But, until now, I have never been able to find an IT foundation that works for me. This Nude glow foundation is my favorite. The foundation claims to be medium-coverage, however you have the option of applying it for sheer or light coverage. The other products in the set, such as Superhero Mascara and eyeshadow sticks, blushes, and brushes, were familiar to me so I knew that I’d enjoy them. This purchase was a great success.

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