Mark WahlbergI learned hard lessons about the famous saying “Happy wife, Happy life.”
Talk to them during a conversation. Jimmy Kimmel on Feb. 16, the Uncharted actor detailed how he almost screwed up Valentine’s Day for his wife Rhea Durham
It turns out, Rhea, who has been married to the Boston native for more than 12 years, suggested to her husband that the two should skip giving each other gifts this year. In years past, Mark explained, he would send flowers to Rhea on behalf of their four children—Ella, 18, Michael, 15, Brendan13 and Grace, 12—and give a huge bouquet to her from himself. 
He abandoned his plans this year due to Rhea’s suggestion, but the 43-year old did not follow her advice. 
“When I got into my bathroom in the morning, I had a card, three gifts, rose petals—I’m like, ‘Holy shh,'” Mark said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So, I attempt to solve it. Although I had the flowers and the card in my hand, we were to travel together so she might still be able to join me.