Kourtney & Travis spark romance rumors once again in January 2021 when Travis and Kourtney both post photos of Travis looking at her mom Kris JennerThe pool in her Palm Springs vacation home. A source later tells CelebHomes News that the two have been casually dating since around December.

The insider said that it was very casual. They are an excellent match and Kourtney loves Travis. Both have been close friends for years. Recently, it turned romantic.

The source adds, “Travis has always had an eye for Kourtney. There has been chemistry between them and their flirtation is a constant. Kourtney loves Travis as a father and they have many things in common. Kourtney adores Travis as a father. He is incredibly hands-on and he’s a great dad. Everyone gets along and they enjoy spending time at home. The kids are happy and it’s not too serious.