Madelyn Cline might be surfing the big wave of superstardom on Outer BanksIt’s not been easy, however.

In a recent appearance on Dear Media’s Get ready to spill podcast, the 24-year-old actress opened up about her struggle to navigate social media and its “lack of anonymity” ever since rising to fame on the popular Netflix series. 

“Everybody has an opinion about everything…and that’s totally fine,” she said. “Everybody is totally entitled to their opinions, but sometimes it is hard because it feels like, you know, you can’t…”

Hosting Lindsey Carter added, “Hear your own thoughts?”

Madelyn added, “Exactly,” It’s what it feels like. It’s so important to me what everyone thinks. Sometimes, I must take a step back to see what is happening and then let it go.”  

She said that it was a constant struggle to manage social media.  

Madelyn is however set to be the star of the next season. Knives out sequel, can also see the beauty of social media too.