Dating advice is a tricky topic. Kristin CavallariThe 8-year-old son of a mother has much to share.

Uncommon James’ CEO demonstrated recently that her sons are a good fit for the job. Jaxon Wyatt Cutler8. Camden Jack CutlerShe has a 9 year old daughter named, whom she shares with her ex Jay CutlerWhen she shared a video with her little ones, she had serious thoughts about her relationship life.

“I’m getting dating advice from my boys,” Kristin said in Instagram Stories footage recorded and published by Daily Mail. “Jaxon said that I needed to be with someone older,”

Jaxon replied off-camera that he was “Older” and “a lot older.”

Kristin asked Jaxon to explain why she should be with someone older.

Are there other tips for dating? The boys also suggested that their mom “wear better lipstick.”

Kristin laughed as she wore a coral lipstick color and said, “The boys hate me orange lips.” Maybe that’s what is the problem. “I’m sporting orange lips today.

Jaxon doesn’t have to match his mother perfectly, but he isn’t the only one who has this cardinal rule. Kristin shared these qualities in the past.