We interviewed Julianne Hough because we think you’ll like her picks at these prices. Julianne Hough is an affiliate spokesperson for BIC Soleil. She also owns Fresh Vine Wine. CelebHomes is an affiliate, which means that we might earn commissions if someone purchases something from our links. CelebHomes does not sell items. All prices correct at the time of publication.

Summer is the best time of year to relax and treat yourself. Julianne Hough told CelebHomes, “I love unwinding with people on a lake, having a glass of wine and playing games, because the sense of community feeds my soul. Also, I enjoy my privacy and being alone. 

Julianne discovers tranquility in small, everyday things. BIC Soleil Escape razor is my favourite product to use for shave. The cost of the three-pack is $5.

BIC Soleil razors are a must-have summer accessory Dancing With the Stars alum. She also shared the sunscreen that makes her feel “fresh and beautiful” along with her go-to deodorant that’s great for a beach day or one of her Broadway performances. 

Julianne can help you find more ideas and tips for shopping this summer.