Do you wonder how it would be to live with other people? Timothée Chalamet?

Kiernan ShipkaOn the 28 April episode of The CW, actor and friend Jeremy revealed that he was now a close friend. Andy Cohen Live: Watch the Action what it was like to have Chalamet occasionally “crash” with her and her family in Los Angeles and shared one of his unique habits.

“I’d say his eating habits were always hilarious to me,” she stated. “The times of the day he ate were always sort of odd and random.”

Chalamet was also mentioned by the actress as a possible companion on certain dates. She explained that she brought a friend along on a few occasions when she wanted to go out with a man and didn’t know whether it was a good idea. He was like a huge bro.

However, Shipka wondered if there was ever a possibility of them falling in love. “No,” Shipka replied, noting “he’s like a brother to me.”