Scooter Braun has no bad blood with Taylor SwiftHowever, he has issues with his outspoken supporters.

The music executive explained in a new interview that he supports the Grammy winner’s efforts to re-record her albums and take ownership of her work; however, he is not on board with “weaponizing” an artist’s fans.

Taylor should re-record, and I agree with that. Scooter said that she has every right pursue her masters.” Scooter spoke to MSNBC April 27. “And I wish her nothing but well, and I have zero interest in saying anything bad about her… The only thing I disagree with is weaponizing a fanbase.”

The manager, whose clients include Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, continued, “The artists I work with have very large fan bases. That’s not possible. This is very dangerous. The fan base includes people with mental health problems. It’s dangerous for the families and it’s extremely risky.

Scooter explained that artists that “weaponize”, sometimes are those that also know “how it feels to be ridiculed.” Scooter added that there is a responsibility when you have a fanbase.

Reporter Ari Melber asked him, “And you think that Has happened?” Scooter said, “That’s it. That’s all I have to say.”