One rule in Karlie Kloss‘ book? Post it and keep it going.
Model at 29 years old, she recently spoke out about how social media helped her learn after being married to her long-term love and best friend. Joshua KushnerIn 2018, Joshua, Joshua’s older brother, was there at that time. Jared KushnerHe and his wife. Ivanka Trump, served as senior advisers to Donald TrumpDuring his presidency.
She said, “I have learned to avoid the comments section,” WSJ. Magazine in an article Dec. 7. “I try to… talk out about things I’m passionate about” This is the new mother, who was also the first to give birth to their child. LeviAn earlier version of this article stated that he lives his life, and tries to live up to my beliefs through the actions he takes.
In this instance Karlie was asked by a user on Twitter if she would talk politics with her family after January’s 2020 election results. Project RunwayAt the time, host said “I have tried.”

Karlie shared a picture on Instagram of her face covered in a logo from “Biden Harris” ahead of November 2020’s election. She was holding her ballot by mail.