Be calm Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler are keeping it casual.

A source close to Kaia exclusively tells CelebHomes News that the two, who have been sighted together multiple times in the past few months, have been talking seeing each other “sporadically” since before the holidays last year.

Kaia has been told by a source that Kaia doesn’t see anyone right now and just goes with the flow. They are having a great time and it’s really been easy. Kaia likes Austin’s charm and that they keep it low-key.

Kaia, Austin and their friend Austin caught the attention of fans when they were seen in mid-December. Tommy Dorfman at Reference Point Library in London—and like any good library book, the plot thickens!

Photographers spotted Kaia (age 20) and Austin (30), returning to their car just days after a Los Angeles morning yoga class.