Hot Mess Ice Roller took 4 years to create. It features thick pink silicone and an aluminum rose-gold roller. The Hot Mess Ice Roller is not only one of the most beautiful on the market, but it also boasts some serious magical powers.

The Hot Mess Ice Roller is cold enough to keep you cool. My ice roller was cold after I came back to LA from a month away. Not freezing, but cold,”  the entrepreneur revealed.”The ice roll stays cooler than any others I’ve used. It’s also heavier (½ lb., others are ¼ lb.It is more durable and has a pink thumbprint to make it easier for you to apply pressure whenever needed.

There are many good reasons to get started ice rolling, even if your not already a fan. Among its many benefits, ice rollers can reduce redness and puffiness, increase circulation, and make your skin feel and look smoother.

Lauryn stated that the main goal of the product was to eliminate puffiness and bloating. Many people focus on eye creams and moisturizers that reduce puffiness. But I was looking to make something that stops puffiness.