After a slew of hit films in the early 2000s, including Lucky Number SlevinBlack Hawk Down,There are 30 Nights a YearPlease see the following: Pearl Harbor, Josh HartnettHe paused his relationship to Hollywood. He now explains why. 

Tuesday, December 8th: Penny Dreadful actor made an appearance on Australia’s Channel Seven morning program Sunrise He shared with us that he believed keeping Hollywood at bay in the mid 2000s was the best decision for his mental health as well as for his career. 

According to Hartnett, his decision to step away from the leading man limelight in favor of taking on more artistic roles came after he discovered what mattered most to him in life. He said that he was fortunate to have stumbled upon it “early on”. Daily Mail. It’s all about having a happy home and the ability to make films. This is such an honor.