Joey KingYou got the most amazing birthday gift!

It was a joy for the actress to learn that she would be co-starring with Oprah. Brad PittAction flick Bullet Train—which premieres August 5—on her 21st birthday. CelebHomes News spoke exclusively to her at 22 years old. Daily Pop that the news came at a not-so-convenient time.

She revealed that she was “so drunk” when the call came to her for the job on June 29. “I was already so drunk, I was being hammered and they wanted me to discuss numbers. Then I said, “I cannot do this now.” “I am as drunk as hell.

The Kissing BoothThe star is a true entertainer, which she proved when she joined Hulu to film her latest movie. The PrincessThe film will be released July 1st. King, unlike the “badass” character she plays, was reluctant to tackle the many action scenes in the movie.

“I felt like I had to say, “Damn. She asked, “Would I be able to pull it off?” “Can I pull this off?” she asked. She said, “I was very scared. It was hard to believe that I would be able to accomplish this.