Jana Kramer is keeping her relationship status under wraps…for now.

After posting several social media posts featuring a man called “Daniel”, we decided to finally share the post. IanThe One Tree HillStar said that she received a lot of questions from her fans and was constantly bombarded by comments and suggestions. “Literally, every one was about her relationship life.”

“‘New man, happy for you!’ ‘Who’s the boy?’ ‘Is he your boyfriend?’ ‘Who’s the guy in your Stories?’ ‘Hope he’s your guy and makes you happy.’ ‘Who’s the guy you’re hanging with?,'” Jana said on her iHeartRadio Whine Down podcast on Jan. 9, recalling just a few of the messages.

Her divorce was finalized in Mike Caussin in 2021, the 38-year-old actress admitted that she is “scared” to reveal the new man in her life and taking the apparent relationship a “day at a time.” 

Without officially confirming that they are an item, she stated “Dating can be scary.” “It is a frightening world out there.”

Jana reiterated, “It’s very scary. “I’m afraid, that’s what I will say.”

Jana, after six years marriage to Mike filed for divorce in April. The couple has two children Jolie5 and Jace, 3.