Our small screens have the mother of draguns! 

Hype HouseNetflix released the final version on January 7, and it was accompanied by a number of other goodies. LotsDramatic costumes, incredible looks Nikita Dragun and prom. CelebHomes News exclusive interview: Nikita shares her experience on the show and in the house with castmates.

Nikita says that she remains “friends” with all the cast members of the show, which also stars Larri Merrit, Chase Hudson (a.k.a.LILHUDDY), Alex Warren, Thomas Petrou, Vinnie HackerAnd Mia HaywardShe shared with us that she is “coming closer to” Kouvr [Annon].” 

Nikita stated that “some friends are for seasons.” But for the most parts, I have a good relationship with all of them, both on and off-camera. 

Nikita revealed that Thomas, who created Hype House, surprised her when it came to her stars. “I didn’t know how much his internal struggles…or you know, all the things that he was going through,” Nikita shared, “I had no idea he was having such an emotional journey.”

Her continued: “We have a lot in common because we both are strong individuals, but behind it we’re cry-babies. We still need to be tough on everyone else.”