Jamie Chung is sharing her real world experience with twins.

The actress, who welcomed twin boys with husband Bryan Greenberg in October 2021, detailed the challenges of motherhood during an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News. Jamie said that the most difficult months when becoming a mom are the first three.

The author says, “You are finding it difficult to find time for yourself. Nothing gets done.”Sucker Punchstar stated. You’re fortunate to be able to take a shower.

Elle continued: “When you are sleep-deprived, it’s easy to be cranky, and can cause a lot of tension with your partner. You can’t have patience. To be patient, you have to learn to let go of how you feel.

Jamie says she considered herself lucky to have had work so slow during the time her twins were born. 

She shared that she had spent some wonderful quality time with her children. “When they’re young, you’re like, ‘I can’t wait for them to grow.’ Then, when they turn 10 months old you are like, “Wait, your baby is so big!”

She said, “I miss my baby stage.” “They grow up too fast,” is what it seems to be when you look at people.