Selling Sunset knows how to bring the drama—but don’t look for any between Jason OppenheimNew hires Chelsea Lazkani

On season five of Netflix’s real estate reality saga, which premiered April 22, Chelsea is brought into the fold at the Oppenheim Group and immediately shakes things up. Jason, co-owner of the Oppenheim Group, was immediately a fan of the newcomer.

Jason stated that “She impressed me right away,” CelebHomes News reported. For me, it was an easy decision. Everything is going as planned. She’s getting big listings, and is earning the trust of some good clients. They work really well together.”

Chelsea quickly aligned her self with Christine QuinnOppenheim Group has exiled primarily Judith, Jason said that although it was risky, her track record is clear. 

Chelsea is a great person to work with. Jason spoke about the new huge listing she was bringing in when they were together just a few days ago. She has been extraordinary and I have gotten quite good at selecting agents over the past many years. I was very confident about what I saw in Chelsea.