Adrian Grenier is showing how he makes every day Earth Day in his eco-friendly home.

The Enterourage star exclusively gave CelebHomes News an inside look of the property outside of Austin, Texas.

CelebHomes News told him that he began working on this land around a year ago. Daily Pop. “And I just wanted to show you two features that I’m currently working on, not only to help the Earth, mais also to increase my sense of self-reliance.

There is a medicinal wheel on the property that allows for various herbs and medicinal plants to be grown around a circle of land. Adrian shared, “When we’re taking responsibility for ourselves and our wellness, we can start to utilize all of the natural ingredients from the earth that will heal us and make us healthy.”

Adrian’s detergent for routine laundry is one of its most important parts without using plastic packaging. The detergent comes in tablets and not in containers or pods. The tablets are also non-toxic, which is important for the greywater system, which takes gently-used water from laundry and showers, and transports it all to a garden.