Tinseltown is being taken over

Tomorrow’s new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch picks back up in Los Angeles, where Terry BradshawHis family is on vacation in preparation for their appearance Celebrity Family Feud. Shopping is a must for any vacation.

This sneak peek clip is a lucky one for the NFL legend. 

The crew takes a break from their Hollywood bus tour to venture into various stores, and one just so happens to be a boutique that fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will surely recognize: The Sutton Concept, a.k.a. Sutton Stracke‘s luxury store.

Terry, upon entering, spotting shiny jewelry and declaring, “I’ll be having some champagne because I plan to lay some money down.”

His wife TammyAnd their daughters Rachel. Erin LaceyThey are thrilled when he starts picking out necklaces and rings for each of them. But his eight-year old granddaughter is just as excited. Zurie has a slightly different reaction when she’s presented with a $500 accessory.