“I want to be a good person in the world!”

Hermione Granger did not know what an impact her words could have on Hermione. Harry Potter: The Deathly HallowsThe final part of this magical series is titled “The End”.

My 8-year old nephew, who was dressed as a neon skeleton from Fortnite, had an outdoor costume parade this Halloween at his elementary school. His costume was a neon skeleton inspired by Fortnite. He was accompanied by his friend. However, it wasn’t an intention to match. While we waited to the precession begin, I was anticipating to see lots of costumes I’d be two, OK, three generations behind in understanding.

Then, a tiny girl dressed in Hogwarts attire walked past me, proudly carrying her wand. A young Grade Schooler in the same costume walked by, and I felt warmth like I just had a glass of Butterbeer. My heart was three times larger that day when I saw nine other girls dress up as Hermione Granger by the end.