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Not only are clogs and loafers in fashion, but so is the trending silhouette of a clog!

It Girls all over the world are wearing Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag and reintroducing classic sneakers from Nike, Reebok, New Balance, and other brands. What’s the point? Although we were initially skeptical, after seeing many older women wearing the trainers we began to see that they are a great combination of utility and style.

Additionally, styles like New Balance’s 574s or Reebok’s Club C 85 Sneaker can be worn with just about anything. They can be worn with jeans, bike shorts and joggers as well as a slip dress.

Get more style inspiration from Lucy Hale, Bella HadidOder Emily Ratajkowski—they’ve all been spotted repping the trending styles so effortlessly.

Here are 11 styles of retro sneakers that we think will help make you feel like an It Girl.