Harry StylesHe may be an authentic sex symbol but it wasn’t something he was always happy with.

A new interview was conducted with Better Homes & Gardens, the 28-year-old got candid about how he has recently been working through issues related to intimacy.

He shared his April 26 profile: “For a while, it felt that the only thing I had was my sexual life.” “I was ashamed of it all, embarrassed at the thought that anyone would know I was having sex and with whom.”

The One DirectionThe alum said that he was under pressure as a boy band member to present the ideal heartthrob image. It was okay to be flirtatious but not sexual.

There were also the “kiss-and-tell” things at the time. Working out who I could trust was stressful,” he recalled. He said, “But I think that I came to the point where I was like why am I ashamed?” “I’m 26 years old and single. It’s almost like I do have sex.”