It was the first season’s rose ceremony that saved the most drama. The ceremony was over. ChrisHe previously confessed that he didn’t want to sleep with Gabby and Rachel in the fantasy suites, even if they were in intimate relationships with another person. Quincey, Jordan H.And HaydenThe debate was over whether the Bachelorettes should be told. 

Quincey decided that it was necessary to inform Rachel and Gabby about Quincey’s conversation. He explained, “I believe whoever heard the conversation but didn’t tell them is keeping their secrets from their wives.”

It’s a bit extreme but it’s what we will take.

After Gabby and Rachel were made aware of Chris’ comments, which Rachel said made her feel “sexualized in a way,” they confronted him. Gabby quickly questioned Chris and asked, “Does it seem appropriate to talk about fantasy suites so early?”

While he attempted to clarify his comments, it was obvious that the damage had been done. Gabby, Rachel and Rachel all asked him for his departure. He tried to get back in the house but was stopped by Rachel and Gabby. 

It was time to hold the rose ceremony. Jesse PalmerGabby informed Rachel that they would both be sending roses. The dust eventually settled. Ryan, JohnBrandan, Colin, and others were sent home empty handed. 

As a gift, they will get a brand new pair Speedos. 

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